Is it possible to increase the chance of being funded by 10x using techniques that can be implemented for less than an hour?

Yes… but more than that, here’s what our coaching will do for you:

  • You’ll learn how to present your business in a way that AUTOMATICALLY creates interest.
  • You will learn the right things to say and when to say them that convey your idea.
  • You will learn how to simplify your message so that anyone who isn’t involved with your industry can understand.
  • You will learn how to use each aspect of your slides in order to network with investors to set up meetings.
  • You will learn how to present just enough details so that you are asked the questions you want to answer.
  • You will learn how to not need queue cards or notes to deliver the perfect pitch every time.
  • And MUCH more…

Interested?  Of course you are, you need money!


But I bet you think it sounds too good to be true?  Don’t worry.  I would too.  And that’s why I think it’s important that you hear what my customers, first time raisers to experienced entrepreneurs, have to say about the process I’m about to share with you.


“Tim was amazing. I know my business and had a hard time breaking down what was important. Tim made it so we could convey our business so simple anyone could understand and it worked.” ~ Scott G.


“I have raised money before, but was struggling to get funding for our newest venture. I met Tim and he helped us understand how to leverage the old business in our story.” James T.


“I have never raised capital before and I spoke with a ton of people who all had advise, but Tim’s was by far the best. Not only did he help us present the business, but he also helped us better understand our own product and the market we were going after.” ~ Tiffany S.


“I thought I was doing a great job until I watched Tim’s video. His explanation was so easy to follow, but there was still something missing. Tim was able to find the missing element and it made all the difference in raising money.” ~ Jessica M.


“I wasn’t sure what I was doing when I met Tim. His process gave me the confidence I needed in order to present a thriving business and a great investment opportunity.” ~ Ian J.


“My business was on the brink of disaster when I met Tim. He helped us clarify the value proposition of the business. Not only were we able to get the funding we needed, but he also helped us clarify our message for our customers. Tim’s advise literally changed my life and my business.” ~ Troy P.


“I had been turned down by close to 100 investors. I thought I knew what I was doing and followed every template to the T. Boy was I wrong. Tim took what we had and gave it the magic it was missing. Now we are thriving.” ~ Kevin A.


Testimonials are great, but if you’re like most people, you’re probably still wondering who I am and why you should pay attention to anything I say.


If you’re not deeply involved in fundraising or entrepreneurship education, you may not realize that the man who wrote his best selling book “Find Your Killer Idea: The Essential Guide To Discover The Right Business” is Tim Cooley.


That’s me. I’ve been blessed to get to work with, and consult for 100s of entrepreneurs in business. I created a Seed Fund helping 100s of business get access to the earliest stages of funding. I have worked with eCommerce, Physical products, Medical Devices, Tech and everything in between. I have been a lead educator in one of the top eCommerce schools and guest speaker all around the world on fund raising and entrepreneurship.


But, enough about me…let’s talk about how I can help you present your business in a way that will give you the highest likelihood of success when fundraising.


Conventional wisdom says you should Google a pitch deck template or ask a friend with money how to present your business.


These aren’t wrong per se, but they definitely don’t explain the tiny details that tell the story as to why you should be funded.


Look if you want a template, I will give you a template.  The template is easy. In fact, a little bit later, not only will I give you the template, but I will also give you a FREE video that walks you through why the template I use is so important and effective.


If I wasn’t so confident in the fact that the little details are what make a pitch presentation successful I wouldn’t be doing this and you wouldn’t be here seeking advice.


You know how important raising funds are for your business. You also know that you only have one chance to make a good impression, therefore you already know that having someone like me with experience raising capital and coaching others is vital to your success as an entrepreneur.


Using my process, you can increase the possibility of being funded in the fraction of time it takes to be rejected by VCs and praying for feedback as to why you weren’t funded. Good luck with that! 


You can learn my process and execute on it:

  • You’ll learn a simple process to tell a great story every time someone asks you about your business.

  • You will finally be able to get the questions from investors you want to answer.

  • You will gain confidence about your business and understand what others want to hear.

  • You will only say what is important to get them interested.


Hard to believe?  Yes, but you can go back to reading template after template and getting advice from sources who haven’t seen even a tenth the deal flow I have seen. You are welcome to do that, but once you realize you need a couch my schedule might be too full to help you before you run out of money.

What is this secret?

Me and my process!


Let’s face it.  VCs, like customers, don’t know what they want until they see it.  They don’t know what a good deal is until it is presented to them in a way they can’t refute. There is a reason so many people get turned down, they aren’t doing it right. The success rate of raising capital is less than 1%, you don’t have to be this statistic!

In many cases, the business isn’t fundable. For the businesses that are fundandablemore being rejected has to do more with what and how something is being said than it does with the business itself.

I told you I would give you my system so here it is.  Here is the video I share with all my clients. It covers WHY you should go in this order.  This pitch only works for newer companies, there are other formats I have if you are trying to acquire a business or if you are looking to expand, but for the most part this format works.

Why give away the secret? I didn’t, I just gave you another template to use.  The secret comes with talking to me about your business. In about an hour you will walk away with actionable steps that will have you presenting your business like it is your job, well because it is.

So if 100s of entrepreneurs have trusted me to help them raise capital…
why wouldn’t you?

Well, we are entrepreneurs. We don’t really trust anyone.  We have seen it all before and we are confident in our ability to look things up.  As you already know, this only gets you so far, then you have to hire someone who actually knows what they are doing.  

I have been in your shoes, many times.  I like to say, I know 80% of everything and I hire people who know the additional 20%, they make me WAY more successful  than I could have ever been by myself.

I am your additional 20%.  I have no doubt that you have gotten yourself to that 80%.  You may have even gotten yourself to 85%, but that missing additional percentage, that is where the magic happens.

The Right Coach can be all the difference when it comes to raising capital…

Why stay at 80% when you could be presenting your business at 100%

Let me tell you about “Chris.”

Chris was looking for funding and presented his company to about 5 venture groups and 10 angel investors, with no success!

Feeling defeated he met with me and I showed him the video you have seen already.  Convinced he could do better on his own he went out and spent $3000 to have some graphic design companies help with the presentation.  He believed that sparkly visuals investors mattered more than story and presentation. NOPE. He was rejected another 10 times.

Finally, he got serious about raising money and was fed up with being at 80% and failing.  Chris and I sat down and in about an hour we fixed his presentation, fixed his story and discussed how he could present only what investors wanted to hear. SUCCESS

Chris went off to raise $600,000 from the next 5 investors he spoke with.

Not all businesses succeed at raising capital, but the process worked for Chris and it could work for you.

It will only work for you though, when you are tired of running around the interwebs looking for the answer…




It is time. If you want to take your presentation to 100% and are tired of being at 80%, then click the link below and let’s get started. Other companies will charge you thousands of dollars to create a visually appealing pitch deck that won’t work.


I could do one of those countdown timers and do some crazy discount to encourage you to sign up today, but I am not.  I know the value I am providing is worth every penny.


You can be like Chris before working with me and waste precious time pitching to people at only 80% or you can spend a little time with me and get it right, right now.


I know you want to present your business the best way possible to investors.


You want to know how to tell the best story possible.


You want every presentation you make from here on out count.


Click the link below and let’s work together and we will take your presentation to 100%.


The best venture backed companies have all had coaches helping.


The ONLY way that you won’t present your business at 100% after working with me is if you don’t really want your business to succeed.


This might sound rough, but weak willed people will roll over and give up on this type of coaching thinking they can Google their way to success. They wouldn’t have taken the time to read this far, so I’m confident that doesn’t apply to you.


My hunch is you’re the type of person who values people who have been there and done that.  You seek to surround yourself with people who are have a higher skill-set that you can acquire, and I think it’s safe to say that you and I are cut from the same cloth.


You seem determined to become a better CEO and founder, and seem willing to put in an hour of time to increase the likelihood of being funded for this business.


Only $500 Schedule Today!

Here’s to you and making the choice to be a better CEO and founder,


Tim Cooley


P.S. I can’t guarantee the same $500 deal will be available tomorrow. If you can’t start today, it’s no big deal for me, but can your company wait? That is for you to decide.