Do you need help raising venture capital?

Hi, My name is Tim Cooley.  I have spent the last decade as an entrepreneur and start-up adviser to 100s of early stage companies. Many of the companies I work with are doing millions in revenue annually and have raised over $200 millions in venture funding.  I love helping CEOs navigate the fundraising process.

Tim is an exceptional leader who helps advance early and growth stage companies into PCAN (Park City Angel Network) and someone who helps focus Founders on how to best position themselves for success. His expertise and guidance are invaluable to help increase the likelihood of Investors to take positions in these companies.”

Check out some of the resources below. If you need additional help raising capital, let me know.

The Pitch Deck Book

I have spent close to 10 years working with entrepreneurs. This book is lessons learned in raising capital.

“This is a must read for those interested in raising capital for their business especially if they want to start off with Angel round before they do a big series A or if they just want to stop at angel”

Investor One Pager (FREE)

One of the many tools you will need in the fund raising process is a One Pager. I built this tool to help my clients organize their thoughts, keep the messaging simple, and to keep track of all the people who have seen the one pager. 

Give it a try, it is FREE!

Pitch Deck Help

Want to increase your chances of being funded? Of course you do. The process is simple.

Click the button below to start getting help with your pitch deck. 

Tim has been a great sounding board and friend for me as I have started my company. His knowledge and experience in fundraising is spot on!”